Is it time to modernize your MD fleet?


Is it time to modernize your MD fleet? We can help. Whether it’s taking your current 500E fleet and converting to the 530FF using the airframe as a conversion base, or unloading your high time aircraft while going through the acquisition process of new MD helicopters, we are solution makers.

At Trinity Aviation, we help our clients with the entire process. Need help determining which solutions make the most sense for your organization? We help you do the math, getting appraisals set in place for your outdated and high time fleet while showing you multiple solutions to outfit an updated fleet that fits your new needs.

Trinity will walk your organization through your prior fleet’s liquidation in order to free capital towards purchasing new MD aircraft, or we can take your dated MD 500Es through the 500FF conversion process, saving your organization valuable capital in the process. *Note*: We are a licensed MD factory representative, so this is done with oversight and sponsorship from MDHI.

Is there an MD 900 with NOTAR on-hand that needs a conversion upward to a better powerplant in order to give your organization the flexible capability it requires? Making these decisions can involve several steps in order to get the job done. That’s where Trinity leads the way.

Has your organization thought of a solution that we haven’t mentioned here, but that is needed? Give us a call, and we will help you solve the problem.

Thanks for trusting Trinity Aviation, and we hope to further your trust in our organization as we grow together through your transition.

“Change before you have to.” -Jack Welch